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How To Find Good Fashion Deals in Classifieds Ads

Posted by on June 20, 2011 at 8:35 pm in Classifieds, Fashion

Finding great deals in classified ads isn’t so difficult for those who know where and how to shop. Here are a few tips on getting the best prices on the best fashion items.

Be Flexible

There’s no telling what can be found in classified ads. It’s better not to go in with preconceived notions, but to have a general idea of what’s needed and to find something along those lines. A specific make and model of leather jacket may be hard to find, but leather jackets in general are not, for instance. Just keep an open mind to build a respectable wardrobe.

Search High and Low

There are websites specifically created to help fashionistas and fashion sellers meet up and make deals, and there are websites and local papers and magazines where deals can be found amid ads for used mufflers and old video game systems. No resource is too classy or trashy when it comes to finding a great deal. The bottom line is attaining great clothes for cheap. Sometimes that means going through the ads section on fashion sites and forums, and sometimes that means scouring the local paper for wool knit berets.

For Great Deals, Forget Brand Bias

Here’s what name brand and designer brand recognition are really all about: status. They’re all about status. Someone who buys the name brand shoes is only buying them, really, to prove that they can afford name brand shoes. The truth is that many of the lookalikes that come out a month after the real thing are sometimes made to higher standards of quality than the original, because they need to be that good in order to sell. A name brand shoe can sell on the name, a cheaper shoe has to be of good quality or nobody’s going to buy it. Keep an open mind. Go ahead and by quality designer goods when they’re cheap, but don’t be afraid to try out a lesser known brand.

Collect it All

Here’s a tip: collect clothing in all sizes and styles. No matter the buyer’s size, if they can sell a shirt or trade it for one that fits them better, they’d be crazy not to pick it up for a cheap price. By keeping an eye out for rare, vintage and collectible clothing, a budget fashionista can wheel and deal and trade their way to an impressive wardrobe by swapping items with other budget fashionistas who are in the same boat. When there’s a good deal, grab it. Even clothes that don’t fit can be used as bargaining chips in later trades with friends and other fashionistas.

Search for “Overstock”

Many designer brands actually overstock and overproduce their inventory for any number of reasons. Namely, the market for designer brands is shrinking due to the recession. People are being smart and spending less on their clothes. This means that there’s a lot of authentic designer stuff and quality brands out there that can be found for a fraction of the store price for those who shop online. These deals offer a great opportunity to build an impressive collection at a fraction of the cost of a pricey designer wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to buy reasonably priced “big boxes” of clothes to get hold of a few great items and collect some extras to sell online later on.

These are only three tips. There are entire books on the subject of fashion bargain hunting that don’t begin to scratch the surface. The important thing is really just getting into the right mindset and always be looking for the next big deal.


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