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Why Arabian Fashion Can Often Incorporate Sunglasses

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On the face, on top of the head, hanging around the neck…what do you see? You see sunglasses. Why have sunglasses suddenly become the rage in the Middle Eastern countries? Saudi Arabian men and women alike enjoy dressing fashionably and sunglasses are a part of their fashion statement. Along with the variety of head coverings like the niqab and hijjab are sunglasses, and they seem to be everywhere.Boutiques sell designer sunglasses in many cities of Saudi Arabia. Open the doors of the best boutiques in cities like Jedda and Riyadh and you will see not just clothing, handbags and jewelry alining the walls and shelves, but a variety of sunglasses too. Designer sunglasses like Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Escada and Christian Dior are popular amongst Arabian men and women of all ages.

Designer sunglasses are the fad in Saudi Arabian cities and they come in many shapes and sizes. They are available in a variety of colors and shades and they may be plastic or they may be metal. A variety of glasses are available to wear with different styles of clothing or at different times of the day, while out shopping, when going to a party or club, when driving, while out for lunch or dinner, either indoors or out.

Arabian fashion has incorporated sunglasses as part of their everyday style and shoppers enjoy buying them, not only in boutiques and stores in the mall, but at online retail stores as well. Online shopping is popular world wide because of its convenience and designer sunglasses are selling well.

Sunglasses are not only fashionable, but they are also worn to protect the eyes from the suns harmful ultraviolet rays. It is important to shield the eyes from the sun as it glares down in Middle Eastern countries, so this type of protection is a necessity for healthy eyes.

Whether you are visiting the Middle Eastern countries or a resident, you may find yourself shopping for sunglasses. Visit the mall and you will see sunglasses everywhere, not just in the stores. See the sights and you will see sunglasses. Just recently, women have been allowed to drive in some Middle Eastern countries and they are also wearing sunglasses to shield their eyes on bright sunny days.

Arabian men and women alike enjoy donning their favorite pair of sunglasses to go with scarves and a variety of head dresses. They may own not just one pair of sunglasses, but several. They may be color coded to go with a favorite outfit or even to match the shoes. They may be darkly tinted or light, prescription or nonprescription. Fashionable for this time in history, sunglasses reign in Saudi Arabia!

Winter Fashion: Styles that Keep You Looking Hot in the Cold

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Women everywhere are gearing up for the winter; pulling out those big heavy coats, sweaters, and all of those dull winter clothes, while grudgingly packing up their fun, colorful summer clothes. Here are 5 winter fashion tips that will help add color and style to all of those boring winter clothes.

Try Different Boots.

Winter is the best time to bring out all of those sexy boots that have been stashed away in your closet all year. With all of the different styles, shapes, and colors something as simple as a pair of boots can transform an outfit. Whether worn with a pair of jeans, a skirt, or a dress, they can showcase your own unique style and personality.

You Don’t Have to Pile on the Clothes to Keep Warm.

Most ladies think that in order to keep warm they need to layer on the big bulky sweaters, turtle necks and that gigantic winter coat which usually gives a look that screams: Grandma. Here is a simple trick that will still keep you toasty warm without making you look like you’ve gained 20 pounds: Start with thermal underwear that are form- fitting and made of moister-wicking fabrics. The extra bonus of wearing thermals is that they help hide back fat and bulges, instantly making you appear slimmer.

Coat Shopping

Coat shopping is kind of like the dreaded jean shopping, because let’s face it no two women are the exact same size or shape which means there is no magic coat that will fit everyone. Ski jackets come in so many different colors and styles that will make any outfit look cute. So when heading out to buy a new coat, make sure to wear clothes that you normally wear in the winter. The coat needs to fit over your sweaters without bunching up. You should be able to raise your arms, bend over and move around comfortably in it. Don’t forget to zip it or button it up before you do these tests. Try out different styles and colors to find the one that shows your personal style.

It’s Never Too Cold to Wear a Skirt or Dress

Many women think that they can only wear pants to keep warm in the winter, but with a simple pair of tights or leggings you can wear that skirt or dress and still stay cozy. Tights come in several different shades and styles to match any outfit. Pair that sexy pair of boots with a darker shade of tights to slim and elongate your legs, or a pair of heels with colored tights for a fun stylish look.

 Don’t Forget Your Gloves, Hat and Scarf.

The number one accessory for winter is definitely the scarf: It’s amazingly versatile. Whether you are out for a night on the town, or just heading to the office, a scarf can show the world your sense of flare; and keep you warm at the same time. Pair some gloves and a hat to keep your hands and head toasty warm, just remember they don’t all have to be the same color and pattern; switch it up a bit to create a fun, sexy look.

Have fun and be creative with your winter look this year, try different colors, styles and fabrics to enhance and express your style. Remember even though it’s chilly outside; you can still look hot.


Shopping At The Mall

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Shopping malls provide a completely different experience in different towns. Not every shopping mall is the same, compared to other types of retail stores, which is why many people love shopping at the mall.

Mall shopping: then and now

The concept of shopping malls has evolved over time. The mall model as we know it now made its public debut in 1950 in Seattle. Back then, shopping malls had a more practical and straightforward goal: Provide shoppers what they need. Therefore, going to a mall for pure enjoyment or to pass time was not really ideal.

Now, it is not uncommon to find arcades, vendors, movie theaters and other types of entertainment in shopping malls.

Benefits of shopping at the mall

So, why choose a mall over other types of businesses? Here are a few benefits:

  • Many stores conveniently located next to each other
  • Eateries located inside the mall for lunch or dinner breaks
  • Many mall retail stores sell up-to-date fashion clothing
  • Great place to advertise your business

Consumers are often bombarded by multiple sales that are exclusive to mall shoppers. In fact, the mall is the number one location for many people who shop on days like Black Friday, which is a very popular day after Thanksgiving for great sales and discounts.

Some people have coupons, like nordstrom coupons, that are only valid inside mall stores. These types of coupons are typically very valuable, giving customers even greater incentive to spend their shopping days at their local mall.

Psychological implications of mall shopping

Since the 60s, teenagers and young adults have spent most of their free time browsing their local malls. In fact, malls are a social icon for many young people; it is a great way to spend time with your friends and develop your social skills.

Many iconic movies have scenes where teenagers and young adults spend their time at a mall. These messages spread across families, making their local mall the number one place to spend time, even if no money is spent.

Some psychologists even suggest that without malls, the way people relate and interact with each other would be vastly different, suggesting that people would probably me more guarded and distant towards acquaintances and strangers — which may be a good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

The future of malls

The generation is trending towards social media influence. People by now are used to sharing information at a very past pace. Additionally, teenagers learned new ways to relate to each other, not including text speak.

Malls are expected to adopt the social media mindset of young people to keep current and influential. Therefore, future generations may see kiosks that allow shoppers to order from their favorite stores before they enter the store. There may also be apps developed to do the same thing.

Cards may be created that contain the owner’s information, including interests and dislikes, to help that person’s shopping experience. The information may be read by individual store scanners via WiFi technology to help associates assist individual shoppers. Vending machines are showing up for all kinds of products. The next time you go to the mall, you might even be able to buy a slimming cami from AnnetteOnline from one of these dispensing machines!

Shopping malls have been, and will continue to be, one of the main influential establishments in people’s lives. Of course, the way shopping malls influence an individual’s life will depend on his personality and social skills.


How To Find Good Fashion Deals in Classifieds Ads

Posted by on June 20, 2011 at 8:35 pm in Classifieds, Fashion

Finding great deals in classified ads isn’t so difficult for those who know where and how to shop. Here are a few tips on getting the best prices on the best fashion items.

Be Flexible

There’s no telling what can be found in classified ads. It’s better not to go in with preconceived notions, but to have a general idea of what’s needed and to find something along those lines. A specific make and model of leather jacket may be hard to find, but leather jackets in general are not, for instance. Just keep an open mind to build a respectable wardrobe.

Search High and Low

There are websites specifically created to help fashionistas and fashion sellers meet up and make deals, and there are websites and local papers and magazines where deals can be found amid ads for used mufflers and old video game systems. No resource is too classy or trashy when it comes to finding a great deal. The bottom line is attaining great clothes for cheap. Sometimes that means going through the ads section on fashion sites and forums, and sometimes that means scouring the local paper for wool knit berets.

For Great Deals, Forget Brand Bias

Here’s what name brand and designer brand recognition are really all about: status. They’re all about status. Someone who buys the name brand shoes is only buying them, really, to prove that they can afford name brand shoes. The truth is that many of the lookalikes that come out a month after the real thing are sometimes made to higher standards of quality than the original, because they need to be that good in order to sell. A name brand shoe can sell on the name, a cheaper shoe has to be of good quality or nobody’s going to buy it. Keep an open mind. Go ahead and by quality designer goods when they’re cheap, but don’t be afraid to try out a lesser known brand.

Collect it All

Here’s a tip: collect clothing in all sizes and styles. No matter the buyer’s size, if they can sell a shirt or trade it for one that fits them better, they’d be crazy not to pick it up for a cheap price. By keeping an eye out for rare, vintage and collectible clothing, a budget fashionista can wheel and deal and trade their way to an impressive wardrobe by swapping items with other budget fashionistas who are in the same boat. When there’s a good deal, grab it. Even clothes that don’t fit can be used as bargaining chips in later trades with friends and other fashionistas.

Search for “Overstock”

Many designer brands actually overstock and overproduce their inventory for any number of reasons. Namely, the market for designer brands is shrinking due to the recession. People are being smart and spending less on their clothes. This means that there’s a lot of authentic designer stuff and quality brands out there that can be found for a fraction of the store price for those who shop online. These deals offer a great opportunity to build an impressive collection at a fraction of the cost of a pricey designer wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to buy reasonably priced “big boxes” of clothes to get hold of a few great items and collect some extras to sell online later on.

These are only three tips. There are entire books on the subject of fashion bargain hunting that don’t begin to scratch the surface. The important thing is really just getting into the right mindset and always be looking for the next big deal.


How To Dress Fashionably

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Knowing how to dress fashionably does not have to be a daunting task. It simply means dressing in current and classic trends. This does not include walking down the street in the same clothing in which they are walking down the Paris runways. Make updating your wardrobe personal and fun, not exhausting and stressful. There are a few guidelines that will help along the way, and there are no fashion police. Relax, and understand the basics of modern day style.
Before you shop, know your body type. Are you an apple or a pear? Are you built straight up and down or are you curvy with an hour glass shape? This basic knowledge will help steer you clear of clothing that is unflattering to your body type. If your hips are wide, stay away from skinny jeans. Petite and short statured individuals should avoid bulky and oversized clothing and accessories. Play to your strengths and don’t draw attention to your weaknesses.

Budget is another element to consider when setting out to dress fashionably. Find a look that works and then duplicate it in a store that fits your wallet. Many magazines help to translate the latest trends to affordable, realistic levels. Remember to dress in your style; don’t try to be someone else.  There is only one Cher, one Elton John and one Jacqueline Kennedy. So if you like retro t shirts buy them, use stores like tvstoreonline to find retro tees. The world needs you and your style.

With that in mind, be open to change and new fashion possibilities. What you’ve been wearing may not work anymore and perhaps it never did! Even classic styles get updated and refreshed from time to time. Give away old and outdated clothing from from your closet. Leaving it there will only tempt you to return to your old ways. How to dress fashionably also means how to dress fashionably for your age. We all look better in current clothing that is also age appropriate. A high school student doesn’t need to look as if they are heading into corporate America. At the same time, adults in their middle years shouldn’t appear as if they are still twenty five.

In order to get the fashion ball rolling, a little research may be necessary. Look through current magazines and see what celebrities are wearing. Turn the television to several shows and pay attention to what the actors/actresses are wearing for different occasions. Customize the look to your lifestyle, budget and body type. Online searches will produce images and articles related to any and all fashion information.

Another great way to stay in touch with fashion trends is by walking through a mall. Pay close attention to how the mannequins are dressed.  Are they wearing vintage t-shirts, summer dresses, graphic tee shirts or winter coats? Professional designers usually put together the displays and they know what is going on in the world of fashion. Juniors can peruse the younger departments while the mature shoppers look through their particular area of the store. Business attire, casual living and formal wear will all be available to shoppers at large department stores.

No fashion finding trip would be complete without the help of a friend. Make sure to bring someone who will be honest with you and whose wardrobe you admire for being fashion forward. An honest friend can be your best mirror. Sometimes it is easier to see yourself with a second set of eyes. Learning how to dress fashionably is possible and even rewarding. Investing a small amount of time can lead to fabulous fashion rewards.


How to Choose and Put on Makeup

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Most women know that a touch of the right makeup will enhance their beauty. On the other side of the coin, there are many women who have experimented with makeup or have stayed away from it all together because they don’t know how to choose the right products and worst of all, don’t know how to apply the makeup. There are a few basic things you need to know about choosing the right types of makeup that will help you get past your fear of, shall I say, “Looking like a clown”.
Once you have the right products in hand, application isn’t really that difficult if you remember one key thing; less is more. The idea is to apply makeup in a way that looks as though you aren’t wearing any at all. With that in mind, you should be looking for sheer or light-weight foundations so they don’t look caked onto your skin. You can handle coverages of a few blemishes with a light concealer before foundation, so your foundation doesn’t have to do the cover-up work. The foundation’s job is to blend with your skin tone to even out redness or variations in your complexion. For this reason, when you are choosing a light-weight foundation, look for a color that matches your skin as closely as possible. Don’t go a shade darker to go for an instant tanned look because just like with too heavy of a foundation, one that is too dark will be visible against your natural skin tone.

After you have purchased your foundation and a concealer if necessary, here’s how to apply the products: First, start with a clean face. Apply a bit of moisturizer to your skin before applying the makeup since it makes it easier to blend in the makeup and gives you a flawless finish. After the moisturizer has absorbed for a few minutes, put a small amount of your foundation on the back of your hand. Use a moist makeup sponge to dab into the foundation, then dot it onto your chin, forehead, cheeks and nose. Use the same sponge to blend the foundation into your skin, making sure to blend it right into your hairline, and past your jawline into your neck. After you have blended, you should not have any visible lines in those areas.

The next product to consider is a good blush. Blushes come in cream, liquid and powder. Liquid blushes tend to be the most intense and powders are more sheer, so choose which you feel most comfortable with. People with fair skin tend to do well with cool pink shades while people with darker complexions do well with warmer more intense colors. When applying blush it should go on the apples of your cheeks and be blended outward towards the temple for a natural look. Once again, less is more and you need just a hint of color.

Eyes and lips are the finishing parts to your look, that will enhance the base you’ve created with foundation and blush. As far as colors for eye shadows and lipsticks, choose something that enhances your natural eye color. Lips should be colored similar to the colors chosen for your blush and be based on your skin tone. Once you have chosen a color pallet for your eyes, apply a highlight shade under the brow and the more intense colors to the lid. Lipstick should be applied lightly, then blotted and finished with a gloss.

By following these rules and with a bit of practice, you’ll be able to achieve a natural, finished look to bring out your natural beauty.

Going Green Is In Style

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The trend toward green living effects industries from manufacturing construction materials and energy efficient appliances, to food and fashion trends. Gravitating toward choices that are better for the environment invites a new way of thinking about what looks good. Green clothing and accessories, modeled after the chic new styles of fashion- savvy shoppers, are easily accessible, better for the environment, and can be less expensive than similar styles made from all new materials. While green fashion does not require compromised quality or selection, it does require patience and flexibility.
Modern consignment shops and thrift stores reinvent the idea of wearing secondhand clothes. Collecting inventory is a lucrative business. Yard sale leftovers and vintage pieces from Grandma’s closet are no longer the norm. Charities solicit households in upper income-communities for donations that are collected and sold in bulk to thrift super-stores. Inventory is carefully sorted, allowing only the best quality clothing and accessories, often with designer labels, to be sold in stores. Store mannequins are decorated in outfits inspired by models on the covers of high-end retail catalogs. Designer purses are displayed behind glass cases, sitting proudly aside Italian leather shoes.

Community recycling programs geared specifically toward repurposing and recycling clothing and linens, called textile initiatives, direct items away from overcrowded landfills where they decompose for hundreds or thousands of years. These programs simplify the process or recycling clothing for resale. Clothing donations are accepted alongside standard household recyclables and are collected and sorted. The best clothes make their way into community tag sales or fundraisers, providing fashionable clothing for members of the community that may not have the resources to buy decent quality clothing that is affordable.

Green fashion encourages innovative ideas, like using automobile tires to make the soles of shoes and turning plastic bottles into cloth. Plastic bottles, once broken down and reused in a different capacity, become polar fleece jackets, and robes with matching slippers. Popular juice pouches are re-purposed and sewn together into durable tote bags and pencil pouches. Strips of denim, a material that has remained in style since its introduction to fashion in 1873, are woven together to form sheets of material for making denim skirts, vests and purses.

The agricultural clothing movement emphasizes all-natural material, called organic material that compliments nature and minimizes waste. If organic material brings burlap to mind, think again. Organic fibers are soft, unscented and natural; a blank slate for fashion designs that are stylish, comfortable and allergen free. Void of perfumes and dies, organic is the new buzz word, in the world of celebrity infant fashion.

Clothing and accessories made of all new materials place unnecessary financial burdens on consumers. Modern styles consistent with current fashion trends are available at local thrift stores, for a fraction of the retail prices advertised in expensive shopping malls. Green fashion is not a world of gunny sack dresses and moccasins. It is a world of environmental preservation, eco-friendly materials and truly realizing that “new to you” clothes are better in many ways, than clothes that are simply new.


Best Designer Sunglasses Brands

Posted by on February 12, 2011 at 8:27 pm in Fashion, Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just for summer anymore. Everyone needs to protect their eyes from the damaging effects of the sun all year round. Some people just like to look great doing it. All the top brand sunglass manufacturers offer styles that are better for each of the seasons. Some are lighter for the hot summer days. Some sunglass brands offer sturdier frames for winter activities. But rest assured, the one thing they all do in every season, is showcase the individuality of their brand’s style. All over the world people shop for the personalized look that makes them feel and look their best.

Among the best providing styles for men are brands such as: Oakley, Ray Ban, and Bolle. There are styles available to suit every man and his sunglass needs. Whether you’re looking for classic, sporty, or the latest fashion style you have many options available today. If you prefer a classic look for any occasion, try Ray Ban Wayfarer or Aviator styles. For those with a more active lifestyle try Carrerra sunglasses. If you are a true fashionista go for styles by Prada, Persol, Gucchi, Vogue, or D&G. And for those men looking for a fusion of fad and sports try sunglasses by Diesel, available in many bold colors and styles.

Sunglasses for women have become a major accessory, as well as a necessity. Many of today’s most fashion forward styles come from the designs of Prada. Without a doubt, the number one modern designer sunglass brand. With oversized looks, unique bold colors, and flamboyance in these styles, women around the world clamber to get this look. Luxurious frames, wrap around styling and expensive looking style are the cornerstone of these world class designer sunglasses.

A new pioneer in the sunglass industry is Persol. They have jumped ahead with new innovation and timeless style. These sunglasses are individually hand made by master craftsmen with unmatched expertise. This designer offers the first ever flexible stem called Meflecto. Reducing pressure on the wearers face, the Meflecto stem adjusts according to the size and shape of the users face. Luxottica owns the brand and insists on only the finest materials in the production of the sunglasses. These glasses are allergy free and have crystal lenses to protect for UV rays.
Many of the top designers today are creating unisex designed sunglasses. These looks can work for the macho male looks as well as framing pretty female faces. Top designers to look for in the unisex design category are Vogue, Burberry and D&G. It has become a new desire of the fashion conscience to wear these unisex styles. Far ahead of many designers, some have had the intuitiveness to forge ahead and provide this style. It is the IN thing do when looking for the best designer sunglasses.

No matter what season it is, no matter your sex or personal style, the right designer sunglasses are out there for you. I have outlined the best designer sunglasses brands foe you and some new innovations as well. Now you must get out there and do what every fashion forward person is best at. Shop.